Conference program



Wednesday the 19th June

Venue: J. Boreckého 1167/27, České Budějovice – Faculty of Health and Social Sciences


08:00–17:00       Registration


09:00–11:00       Pre-conference activities for networking (Hall E, F)

               (open for registered participants)

Building a Culturally Competent Curriculum: If Not Now, When?

               Catherine Gilbert


11:30–17:00      Social program in Český Krumlov – city tour, Castle tour, lunch

              (for the registered participants)

              Meeting point: J. Boreckého 1167/27, 370 11 České Budějovice –

              Faculty of Health and Social Sciences


19:00–21:30      Opening ceremony in Budweis Hotel


Minister of Health of the Czech Republic
Mgr. et Mgr. Adam Vojtech, MHA


Rector of the USB
doc. Tomas Machula, Ph.D., Th.D.


Dean of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Mgr. Ivana Chloubova, Ph.D.


President of Transcultural nursing
Associate Professor Irena Papadopoulos


               Welcome reception in Budweis Hotel

                               Meeting point: Mlýnská 6, 370 01 České Budějovice, Czech Republic

                GPS: 48°58'36.39"N, 14°28'16.499"E


Thursday the 20th June

Venue: J. Boreckého 1167/27, České Budějovice – Faculty of Health and Social Sciences


08:00–09:40       Registration


09:40–09:45      Organizational instructions (Hall E, F)


09:45–10:45       Keynote speakers (Hall E, F)

                              (Chair: Irena Papadopoulos, Marie Treslova)



               Srđan Matić – WHO representative



               Irena Papadopoulos


10:45–11:15       Coffee break (Hall A)


11:15–12:35      ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 1 (Hall E)

                             (Chair: Magdeline Aagard, Jiri Kaas)


               Status of Transcultural Nursing Course in Nursing Education in Turkey

                              Zulfunaz Ozer, Rukiye Pinar Boluktas


Determination of the Relation between the Intercultural Effectiveness, Intercultural Awareness and Intercultural Sensitivity of Nursing Students

               Eda Sahin, Betul Tosun


               Creating New MultiProfessional PhD Curriculum Tracks

               Magdeline Aagard


                               ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 2 (Hall B)

                (Chair: Patricia Facquet, Hana Hajduchova)


Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice of trauma informed practice: advancing nursing competency

               Theresa Ryan Schultz, Simmy King


Perception of cultural competences among nurses in selected European countries

               Katalin Papp, Martin Cerveny, Małgorzata Nagorska, Lucia Dimunova


The effect of A culturally competent curriculum on nurses‘ perception and attitudes towards minorities

               Tamar Yellon


Implementing a transcultural nursing experience to increase cultural awareness and competency in undergraduate BACHELOR nursing students

              Patricia Facquet


                               ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 3 (Hall F)

                               (Chair: Betul Tosun, Vera Olisarova)


The Role of Cultural Training Characteristics among Israel’s Nursing Students during Their Clinical Practice

                               Liora Kordero Jan


Perspectives of paid carers on supporting older people living in care homes with depression, self-harm, and suicide ideation and behaviours. Implications for health & social care education

                               Matthew Quaife, Trish Hafford-Letchfield


Challenges in Caring for Foreign Patients Encountered by Physicians and Nurses Working in the Oncology Clinic

               Betul Tosun, Canan Porucu, Nuri Karadurmus


                               Patients‘ satisfaction of nursing care in different countries

                               Daria Kulen-Sławinska, Danuta Rycyk


                               ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 4 (Hall U9)

                               (Chair: Line Nortvedt, Kristyna Toumova)


                Examining Hungarian Women’s Habits Related to Menstruation

                               Zoltan Balogh, Adelina Misi


The pros and cons of separation, as opposed to integration, in nursing educational programs for students OF ETHIOPIAN ORIGIN

                Rachel Kemelman, Sara Nissim


                               THE EXPERIENCES OF FILIPINO NURSES IN THEIR MIGRATION COUNTRY OF NORWAY                     Line Nortvedt, Kari Dahl, Vibeke Lohne


The Views of Nurses with Erasmus Experience on the Professional and Personal Effects of the Erasmus Student Exchange Programme

Gamze Tunçer Unver, Oya Celebi Cakıroglu, Ilkay Gungor Satılmıs, Arzu Kader Harmancı Seren


               POSTER PRESENTATION – Section 5                                       (Atrium, 2nd floor)


Using the brief intervention in the transcultural curriculum – pilot study

               Dagmar Skochova, Lidmila Hamplova, Renata Prochazkova, Sona Jexova


                Cultural wishes of patients in the Czech health service

                               Jana Manhalova, Valerie Tothova


Health Mobile Team. Outreach program challenges and perspectives of Primary Health Care

               Dimitra Tsekoura, Vasiliki Dalla, Paraskevi Feleki, Anna Kavga


Psychological first aid – a guide for field workers with migrants and refugees

              Elena Rousou, Christiana Kouta, Elena Nikolaidou, Irena Papadopoulos


               Education of persons with special needs at University

               Erika Kristofova, Dana Zrubcova, Miroslava Liskova


Coping with linguistic and cultural differences in educating mothers of newbornS

               Alena Machova, Milan Hanzl, Klara Sindelarova


Sustainable education: A different approach in teaching Danish student nurses Islam in a healthcare context

               Jette Jørgensen Mebrouk


12:35–13:30       Lunch (Hall A)


13:30–14:30      PLENARY SESSION (Hall E, F)

              (Chair: Christiana Kouta, Katalin Papp)


The use of socially assistive robotic technology in health care and implications for the nursing curriculum

                Irena Papadopoulos, Christina Koulouglioti


                               Are We Measuring Culturally Congruent Care?

                Larry Purnell


                               Cultural Competence and Caring in the Curriculum

                Kathleen Valentine


14:30–15:00      Coffee break (Hall A)


15:00–16:00       ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 1 (Hall E)

                               (Chair: Divna Kekus, Jitka Dolezalova)


Does nursing students’ perceived cultural competence improve over a four year academic degree course?

               Orit Eldar, Rachel Kemelman


                               Multiculturalism in THE Education of Roma Health Mediators

                               Divna Kekus, Sanja Stanisavljevic


The development of a transcultural nursing module. A Brussels based example

                               Sandra Tricas-Sauras, Merjem Ouelhadj, Ann Clayes


                               ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 2 (Hall F)

               (Chair: Matthew Quaife, Jan Neugebauer)


                Healthcare professionals’ need of cultural competence to create trust

                Lise-Merete Alpers


Healthcare professionals’ need of cultural competence in concrete and practice related areas

               Lise-Merete Alpers, Ingrid Hanssen


Potential of students of non-medical study felds in the area of cultural competences in the care of migrants

              Luboslava Pavelova, Andrea Solgajova


               ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 3 (Hall B)

                               (Chair: Katalin Papp, Lucie Rolantova)


How can the cultural formulation interview assist to clarify the impact of cultural factors on a psychiatric patient?

                                Marianne Østerskov


                               Health professionals’ health condition

                               Katalin Papp, Jakabne Harcsa E., Nagy G., A. Rado, Zs. Hermanyos Nagyne


                               The perception of healthcare providers on cultural-sensitive care

                 Ann Claeys, Saloua Berdai-Chaouni, Sandra Tricas-Sauras, Liesbeth De Donder


                ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 4 (Hall U9)

                               (Chair: Kari Dahl, Jana Manhalova)


               Nursing as a career for Saudi women

                               Jette Jørgensen Mebrouk


                               Philippine nurses in Norway and their fight for authorization

                               Kari Dahl, Line Nortvedt, Vibeke Lohne


                                POSTER PRESENTATION – Section 5 (Atrium, 2nd floor)


                               Mapping review of researches in nursing care for muslim patients

                               Tomiko Toda, Kiyoko Makimoto


Toward a Culturally Competent Curriculum for Doctor of Nursing Practice Students via Global Studies

               Rick Zoucha, Melanie Turk


The level of nurses’ knowledge about taking care of a culturally different patient. Analysis of interviews with nurses from Poland

               Małgorzata Lesinska-Sawicka, Małgorzata Nagorska


Transgender pregnancy and birth: Advocacy and nursing education opportunities

               Sandy Cayo, Kaitlin Wheeler, Selena Gilles


Examining child and adolescent mental health services in post-conflict Liberia

               Sandy Cayo, Amina Lawrence, Selena Gilles


16:00–17:00      ETNA Board Meeting (Meeting room, 1st floor)


17:30–21:30       Social program in Budweiser Budvar – brewery tour, dinner

               (for the registered participants)

               Meeting point: Budweiser Budvar, National Corporation

                K. Světlé 512/4, 370 04 České Budějovice

                GPS: 48.9933100N, 14.4768400E



Friday the 21st June

Venue: J. Boreckého 1167/27, České Budějovice – Faculty of Health and Social Sciences


08:00–09:30      Registration


09:30–10:30       Keynote speakers (Hall E, F)

                               (Chair: Alfonso Pezzella, Zoltan Balogh)


The quality of care - What is the role of transcultural nursing competencies and could we measure THEM as a part of patient centred care?

               Andrea Pokorna


Developing a culturally competent approach to public engagement and organ donation – lessons from the United Kingdom

               Gurch Randhawa


10:30–11:00       Coffee break (Hall A)


11:00–12:30      ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 1 (Hall E)

                               (Chair: Elisabeth Reifsnider, Frantisek Dolak)


Developing an awareness of cultural competence in clinical staff who support nursing students’ learning whilst in practice

               Helen Matheson


Developing PHD transcultural nurse researchers through global studies

                              Rick Zoucha, Melanie Turk


Toward a culturally competent curriculum for doctor of nursing practice students via global studies

               Rick Zoucha, Melanie Turk


Perspectives on international nursing education from international Faculty, students, and host Faculty

Elisabeth Reifsnider, Angela Chen, Lu Zheng, Jie Li, Guilan Gong, Hong Chen, Yuquin Song


              ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 2 (Hall F)

              (Chair: Dorthe Susanne Nielsen, Andrea Hudackova)


“I had to stifle my feelings” – Health professionals with minority backgroundS interpreting for their family members. A qualitative study

Dorthe Susanne Nielsen, Jacob Stilgren, Sara Gregson, Leila Saud Abdulkadir, Morten Sodemann


The impact of an introduction course for interpreters – a prospective survey

Leila Saud Abdulkadir, Morten Sodemann, Charlotte Sølver Rehling, Soren Moller, Dorthe Nielsen


Assessment of nursing student clinical performance and competence in nursing skills and intervention – usefulness of rating scales for summative evaluation

               Elena Gurkova, Lenka Satekova, Lenka Mazalova, Zdenka Miksova


Understanding the role of Emotions SUCH AS Threat and Challenge in explaining the educators of nurses actual use of Information Technology

              Ayala Gonen, Lev-Ari Lilac


                               ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 3                                                           (Hall B)

                               (Chair: Laura Foley, Iva Safarikova)


A Community Intervention by Israeli B. S. N Students to Promote Healthy Living in a Multi-Cultural Community: Model for Implementing  National Health Promotion & A Healthy Lifestyle Program

                               Yael Chassel-Weizman, Michal Yehudai Yedid


Madness In the Music Trinidad Carnival – A cultural Conduit for channelling positive psychological well-being

                               Laura Foley, Irena Papadopoulos, L. Bell


Preliminary findings from a small scale UK project: Exploring the educational experience of BAME student nurses in Higher Education

              Laura Foley, Dadzie Lawrence, Pezzella Alfonso, Lambert Nicky


Bridging the Transition to Practice: Identifying THE Qualities & Skills Needed for New Nurses to Provide Culturally Competent Care

              Kari Mau


               ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 4 (Hall U9)

                               (Chair: Sheila Sobrany, Tereza Dusickova)


A Critical Investigation into the critical writing capabilities of ethnically diverse students on the BSc Nursing Program

               Sheila Sobrany


               The impact of Gypsy women’s drug dependence on pregnancy

               Ivana Lamkova, Eva Salanska


Perinatal experiences with verbally impaired interactions between non-native women and health providers

                              Maki Saito


                               Factors affecting intent to migration among Turkish Nurses

                               Rukiye Pinar Boluktas, Zulfunaz Ozer


               POSTER PRESENTATION – Section 5 (Atrium, 2nd floor)


Competent multicultural nurse practice against pregal vaccinations – testing for vaccine education of medical employees in Poland

               Anna Bednarek, Danuta Zarzycka, Anna Bodajko-Grochowska, Robert Klepacz


New nurse roles in vaccinology education of pregnant women as an example of intercultural care

               Anna Bednarek, Danuta Zarzycka, Anna Bodajko-Grochowska, Robert Klepacz


The impact if international mobility programmes on nursing students‘ professional development

               Igor Karnjus, Mirko Prosen, Sabina Licen


Nursing students‘ views on cultural competence: Towards internationalisation of the curriculum

               Mirko Prosen, Igor Karnjus, Sabina Licen


12:30–13:30       Lunch (Hall A)


13:30–14:30      PLENARY SECTION (Hall E, F)

              (Chair: Sara Nissim, Dorthe Susanne Nielsen)


The development of a Knowledge Hub to Support and Provide Culturally Competent and Compassionate Psychological Support for Refugees in Europe

                             Alfonso Pezzella, Irena Papadopoulos


                               Femicide: A bicommunal Pilot Study

                Cristiana Kouta, Elina Kofou, Akile Zorba


                Using Resources to Promote Cultural Competece through Publications

                Norma Cuellar


14:30–15:00      Coffee break (Hall A)


15:00–16:00       ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 1 (Hall E)

                               (Chair: Katrina Embrey, Zdenka Pavelkova)


Implementation of Dimensions of Culture and Diversity in Nursing Curriculum at Haw Hamburg/Germany

                             Richter Miriam Tariba, Cornelia Walter


               First Generation College Students and Success in Nursing School

               Katrina Embrey


              ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 2 (Hall F)

              (Chair: Laurie Ann Bennett, Jitka Dolezalova)


LifeStyle and Prevention of Overweight and Obesity of the Roma in České Budějovice

               Vera Olisarova, Valerie Tothova


The Essence of Influences on Perceptions of Cultural Competence in Traditional Undergraduate Nursing Students Enrolled in Their Senior Year

               Laurie Ann Bennett


Validation the Czech Version of the Clinical Learning Environment and Supervision and Nurse Teacher Scale

Lenka Satekova, Lenka Mazalova, Elena Gurkova, Zdenka Miksova, Blazena Sevcikova


               ORAL PRESENTATION – Section 3 (Hall B)

                               (Chair: Sanja Stanisavljevic, Hanka Hajduchova)


                 Social Inclusion of the Roma Minority in the Czech Republic

                 Kristyna Toumova, Valerie Tothova


The Discourse of Intercultural Education of Nurses in Serbia in the Light of the Crisis of Pluralism

                Sanja Stanisavljevic, Divna Kekus


Transcultural Features, Rules and Cultural Patterns of Dying and Death of Selected Minorities in the Territory of the Czech Republic

                               Jana Manhalova, Valerie Tothova


                               POSTER PRESENTATION – Section 4 (Atrium, 2nd floor)


                 Attitudes of Polish Nurses Towards Representatives of Selected Cultures

                 Joanna Zalewska-Puchała, Iwona Bodys-Cupak, Anna Majda


The Development of a Knowledge Hub to Support and Provide Culturally Competent and Compassionate Psychological Support for Refugees in Europe

               Alfonso Pezzella, Irena Papadopoulos


The Relationship Between Educational Stress, Stress Coping and the Clinical Learning Experience of Nursing Students

Lenka Mazalova, Lenka Satekova, Zdenka Miksová, Elena Gurkova, Blazena Sevcikova


A Critical Investigation into the Critical Writing Capabilities of Ethnically Diverse Students on the BSc Nursing Program

               Sheila Sobrany



16:00–16:30      Closing ceremony  (Hall E, F)


17:30–21:30       Social program in Hluboká nad Vltavou – visit to Aleš’ Gallery, dinner in the Štekl Castle Hotel

                               (for the registered participants)

Meeting point: J. Boreckého 1167/27, 370 11 České Budějovice – Faculty of Health and Social Sciences



Saturday the 22nd June


Program for registered participants according to their interests:

10:00–11:00      Visit to ARPIDA České Budějovice – centre for rehabilitation of handicapped persons

               Meeting point: J. Boreckého 1167/27, 370 11 České Budějovice –

               Faculty of Health and Social Sciences


14:00–18:00       Visit to Berta's Spa in Třeboň, optional short procedure (the  procedure options shall be specified later; the price without procedure will be lower)

                               Meeting point: J. Boreckého 1167/27, 370 11 České Budějovice –

                Faculty of Health and Social Sciences




NOTICE for conference participants: Photos and videos will be taken during the conference.

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